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Fan Question, Part 1

Hi All, So this question I received is rather intricate and broken down into a main question and then sub-parts. I will answer in two separate blog posts.

Kudos to the fan who articulated so well.

Its starts as such:

Ms Victoria, The question I have is, with a disciplinary spanking, how much say can the spankee have over the procedure and yet still maintain the effectiveness and integrity of the discipline?

And then continues onto to say...

I do believe the disciplinarian must be in control, but can the one in charge be informed by the spankee's preferences or limits? For example, can the spanking be limited to a specific implement or general type of implement as proposed by the one being punished?

In a real-life domestic situation I am certain that the partner of the spankee would chose their implement based on what they feel is most effective and that may in fact be what they know to be the most difficult or least preferred implement of their partner.

At the beginning of my time with a client, if its our first session together, I ask about their implement preferences, however ultimately make the choice with the exception of the cane. I allow that to be my spankees choice, but do encourage it to be experienced if they are have never before.

If the one being disciplined describes themselves as inexperienced and sensitive to physical pain, should that influence any of the disciplinarian's decisions?

As for limits, Everyone has a threshold at any given time and that threshold actually changes day to day based on whats going on with them physically, mentally and emotionally. I am an intuitive spanker and also through years of experience can read where that threshold is for people. If someone comes in for a disciplinary session, due to the sheer intensity of the spanking and heaviness of emotion going into it, it usually takes a relatively short amount of time to peak, release and come to a place of calm.

In short, the spankee may think they know whats best for them or their limits but conclusively will use my wisdom and whats at my disposal, as I see fit, to best give the desired experience and result.

*Part 2 of this will be in the next post* Cheers, Ms. Victoria

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