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"I am a 27 year-old, natural born spanko, who has long been seeking an experience that comes close to satisfying my deeply seeded need to be spanked. I've seen a handful of notable Pro Disciplinarians and while each was incredible in their own right, I always left with a hole that was only partially filled. In the past year or so I've came to peace with the fact that the spanking I so deeply yearned for, simply didn't exist. Well, I was mistaken. Roughly three hours ago, Ms. Victoria Kay took me by the hand, pulled me over her knee, and gave me that spanking.

I've exchanged emails with Ms. Victoria on several occasions over the past few years. Each time she was thoughtful in her responses and each time I went dark when it came time to schedule a session. I'm not sure where I got the courage to pull the trigger this time, but before I knew it the stunning woman from the photographs was walking down my hallway. If you're on her site I'm sure her gallery has already fueled countless fantasies. I assure you, no fantasy will ever match the reality of being in her presence. She's genuine, witty, kind, and emits a sensual dominance. Her eyes are piercing and honest. The kind of eyes you could get lost in for hours. Her warm personality instantly calmed my nerves and the more she spoke the more enamored I became. Just as I was beginning to forget why she was there, she calmly mentions the numerous times I sent her session requests only to ignore her replies when she offered times to fit my schedule. Her transition from sexy best friend, to no-nonsense disciplinarian was seemless. I was frozen as she confidently walked up to me, began unbuckling my belt, and whispered softly yet sternly into my ear "You desperately need a lesson in being considerate with someone else's time". Before I knew it my pants were down to my ankles and I was being whisked over her shapely, welcoming lap. The moment her hand made contact, I was assured, this woman knows how to spank. I swear her hands are sculpted to be a disciplinarian. After a strong warm-up and thorough lecture, I felt her fingernails creep inside my waistband and slide my briefs away to expose my bare bottom. That's when the real spanking began. She swings her hand with shocking power and extraordinary precision, keeping a steady rhythm while managing to cover every inch of her target. When I began to squirm away from the pain, she'd effortlessly secure me in place and increase the power of her strikes. The intensity of her spanking was contrasted with an arousingly sensual and soothing touch. Each time I was amazed that the gentle hands caressing my tender cheeks belonged to the same person that had me whimpering moments before.

I believe what set Ms. Victoria Kay apart from previous disciplinarians was the intimate bond she seems to naturally form with the bottom over her lap. For 45 minutes, she maneuvered me into every possible variation of OTK. It was as if I was molded to her thighs in a bond I couldn't break even if I wanted to. She knew me. Even when I was squirming and pleading that I had learned my lesson, she knew deep down I needed to be pushed a little further. I've never been great with the pain that comes with spanking and Ms. Victoria's spanking was certainly painful. However, there's something about the way she secures you that makes the unbearable, bearable. When it was finally over she kept me in her lap for an additional 15 minutes, using lotion to cool the heat radiating from inflamed bottom. Looking back it's an odd image - two adults having a casual conversation about hiking while one lays freshly spanked in the others lap. Again, she made it feel natural.

It's been hours since we said our goodbye's and there's still a powerful glow emitting from my entire body. There are no words to describe the euphoric forcefield of serenity surrounding me. While I can't promise your visit will result in the same ground-breaking euphoria I just experience. I can promise you this: a visit with Ms. Victoria will leave you with a wide smile - a very sore bottom - and a likely crush on the strong, caring, stunningly beautiful woman who just spanked the daylights out of you.

Email her. Fly to her. Fly her to you. Just go see her."

Phoenix AZ

I have spent some time searching for the ultimate spanking experience. I am lucky to
have found Ms. Victoria Kay. I have had three great sessions and look forward to the
next and more in the future. Victoria is an attractive skilled woman with a warm personality. I was immediately at ease with her and eager to receive a good spanking. Victoria is completely in charge and has used several implements including her hand,brush, paddle, belt, strap and my new favorite the cane on my bare bottom.

She has pushed my limits and left my butt red, hot and well marked.

She introduced the cane to me and has me wanting more.

Victoria is a spankos dream.

- John ( Phoenix, AZ )

Ms. Victoria administered the best over the knee spanking I have ever had.  Before meeting with her I sent an email explaining that I needed a no nonsense punishment paddling over her knee followed by a severe strapping.  Victoria is a lovely lady who understood my needs and because of her personality she was able to make me meekly submit to her authority and punishment.  When I arrived she looked stunning in her tight skirt, stockings, heels, and blouse.   She ordered me to strip and put me across her lap for hard hand spanking followed by a wicked paddling with her lexan paddle.  I was helpless across her lap and submitted to her paddling because I knew she cared about my desire to improve my behavior.  Her spanking was administered in both a no nonsense and loving manner that reduced me to the little boy inside.  During my paddling I pleaded, kicked, squirmed, and howled as tears came to my eyes; however, I remained across her lap because she had me well secured physically and mentally because of her demeanor.  Victoria had told me that only she would determine when my spanking was over.  After allowing me to recover in the corner she laid me across her bed and administered a severe strapping as I again cried and howled. After my spanking Victoria hugged me and rubbed lotion on my stinging bottom.  James, Denver Colorodo

"I just had my first, and hopefully not my last session ;) with Ms Victoria Kay. It was the most intense and satisfying spanking experience of my life. From the moment I arrived for my visit with Ms Kay, I was in awe. In awe of her beauty and grace, and couldn't believe that I was about to get my comeuppance from this beautiful woman. Although she was strict, and no nonsense, she was able to simultaneously put me at ease. I felt free to tell her my spanking fantasies, and I could tell she understood. My heart told me, " This woman loves to spank " Well...It didn't take long for her to turn me over her knee, bare my naughty bottom, and begin my spanking. She didn't miss a spot, and by the time she started using the paddle, I was in heaven. Wow! What a spanking she gave me, all the while she stayed calm and scolded gently, but spanked firmly. When she was done spanking me like a naughty little boy, she introduced me to her cane..Now that is something every spanko should experience. Since it was my first time, she respected my limits, but I swear, the next time I see her, I will forfeit those limits. Lastly, she laid me out face down on her bed, and had me raise my bare bottom up nice and high, for the "BIG BOY " paddle. O M G what an amazing paddling she gave me..50 spanks, ouch!! Yet I left longing for more. Trust me when I say Ms. Kay is the kind of woman that can spank you senseless, yet make you feel cared for. She also is very fun, with a terrific sense of humor. BTW, did I mention how beautiful and sexy she is ?? Well she is, and worth whatever it takes to see her. She should be on the Bucket List of everyone into getting the BEST SPANKING THEY EVER HAD !!!"

- Naughty Phillip (San Diego, CA)

Ms. Victoria's announcement to visit Boston was extremely welcomed!

I am an experienced submissive in D/s but I wanted to focus specifically on the Corporal and domestic spanking side of play with Ms. Victoria.


Ms. Victoria is the consummate professional, and an extremely nice person who will understand your disciplinary request. She is extremely skilled not only at the physical delivery but can also read your body and its reactions; adjusting, pushing and expanding your limits as was negotiated.


All I can say is that you should session with Ms. Victoria. And if possible book for 2 hours.

- Carl (Boston, MA)

A truly positive experience from 2018 has been the opportunity to have several  appointments with the amazing Ms. Victoria.  Each one has been tremendous.


I can attest that the person you read about on her website is exactly who you will have the pleasure to meet in person and then some.  In just a matter of moments with Ms. Victoria  it is abundantly clear that she loves spanking, both discussing the topic and administering an absolutely authentic bare bottom spanking.


During an appointment Ms. Victoria demonstrates the perfect balance between firmness and compassion.  For example, in our most recent session while she had me over her lap for a disciplinary spanking, I was involuntarily crying out in extreme distress.  In the same breath, she scolded me for what got me into this painful predicament and used words that showed that she understood what I was experiencing, which was comforting.  She also did not let my desparate pleas curtail the spanking; she ended it when she determined that it was appropriate to do so.


In sum, an appointment with Ms. Victoria will exceed your expectations and leave you very much looking forward to the next one.  I sure am!

Todd, DC


"Being a life long spanko I have seen quite a few disiplinarians in my lifetime once maybe twice a year, I have seen a select few no more than twice. Last summer I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Victoria Kay and since that first meeting I have seen Victoria more times then all the others combined. She is a natural, she is friendly, caring, confident and beautiful. She always makes sure you are comfortable, she can go easy or very hard, the hardest spanking I ever got was from Victoria Kay and I loved it. Victoria got me to quit smoking or in other words she may have helped save my life. I have no desire to see any other disciplinarian. Victoria Kay you are the BEST!!!"

- Christian (Phoenix AZ)

It goes without saying how beautiful and physically compelling you are, but your intuition and intelligence are what separates you for me as far as me being able to commit to moving forwards today. I'm not sure that with anyone else I would have moved forwards today. With you, there was no looking back. It was a wonderful session! Incredible. Each step along the way you kept finding the next step that I was hoping for without me knowing, my mind was asking "what is she going to do next", and then when you did, I was thinking "wow, perfect".  Wow! 


 I feel so at peace and happy that I reconnected with that part of me today, through your guidance and partnership. Even if I had chickened out today, I still would have been content to have talked to you for an hour. That's the level of a connection I feel with your personality through your wisdom and serenity. I'd like to say I will see you soon, but I don't know that for sure. More accurately I can say, I can't wait to see you again.

- Thomas, NY

"Ms. Victoria Kay is an exceptionally beautiful woman who truly enjoys administering a good spanking.  A perfect combination of qualities. I've seen Ms. Victoria on multiple occasions and she tailors the session as requested.  I ask her to push the envelope a bit each time and she takes me exactly to where I want to go.  I believe she has a variety of implements to choose from depending on your preference.  In my opinion, it makes all the difference in the world to be with someone who is mutually enjoying the interaction.  Highly recommend seeing Ms. Victoria.  You will definitely have a great experience.  Looking forward to the next time she travels to my city."

- Dan ( San Diego, CA)

  ...I wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for an enjoyable session.  It was better than I could have imagined and expected, and turned out to be a very much needed cathartic experience for me.  I was looking for a feeling of vulnerability, which you definitely gave me, but never anticipated  your comforting and open dialogue.  You were very easy to like and to talk to.  The switching at the end was a pleasant surprise as well....

CJ (Boston)

Meeting Victoria was a pleasure and delight. I had emailed a fantasy that I really wanted to live out and she turned into absolute reality. She started me off by warming my bottom and it was a lot of fun... But that soon turned to a real life otk punishment where I was dragged by the ear across the room and pulled over her knee she told me it was time to pay the piper and omg did I ever. It was the first time any spanking ever brought me to real tears. I tried and tried to get up off her lap but to no avail. Her wooden paddle just kept landing on my ever brightening bottom whap whap whap with no mercy boy was she giving me what I deserved as the tears rolled down my cheeks and I begged her to stop she just kept up with the whap whap whap. When I was completely balling my eyes out she finally stopped. However I will never forget how I tried and tried to get up but couldn't. It was so humiliating being over her lap and crying like a baby. Any one who is serious about a spanking or a role play fantasy I highly recommend Ms. Victoria Kay.     - Brian (Boston, MA)

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