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Disciplinary Vs. Therapeutic Spanking

I have been frequently asked the difference between a disciplinary spanking and a therapeutic spanking....

First of all, I'll make clear that from my extensive experience in the wonderful realm of spanking that ALL spankings are indeed therapeutic in nature. What is being referred to in this question is by standard definition, what happens during each? Lets talk logistics:

A disciplinary spanking, is dished out with no mercy and no warm-up. It is usually administered with one or two implements only. This is where something clearly needs attentive correction and its known by both spanker and spankee what has taken place and that it is not to happen again. Disciplinary spankings are much shorter; due to the intensity, the message is quickly received. It is not uncommon for disciplinary spankings to envoke tears. This is for a few different reasons, one is the humiliation, two is the pain and the third one I've found to be the most influential and that is the remorse. Although there is no warm-up, this spanking usually starts with scolding and the scolding may also come-up again throughout the spanking, and ends with aftercare

In contrast, a therapeutic spanking begins slowly and gradually works up the intensity. It is known for releasing of pent up emotions, clearing the slate and coming out relaxed and invigorated. During these spankings there are times of spanking and then times of more massage-like relaxing touch. An array of implements are used providing a nice variety of sensation. After-all our bottoms are heavily saturated with nerves, may as well take advantage of that ;)

Now, there is also a 3rd type of spanking, which is actually more of a beating, I will discuss at another time and is what we affectionately call Corporal Punishment.

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