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Through the Fire onto Cloud 9

Hi All! I received my first official reader question and it goes like this:

"Ms. Victoria, At times I have asked for hard discipline sessions, then during those sessions I have regrets and feel I made a big mistake for asking. After the sessions I feel a complete release of all my troubles, I am on cloud 9 and at total peace. Why do you think that is?" That Cloud Nine feeling is the best. Some call it subspace, but no matter what its called, its an amazing high and a much contributing reason being on the receiving end of a spanking is so appealing. Taking a true sound spanking is a challenge. It challenges us physically, mentally and emotionally. And with a real spanking the only way out is through. I believe the reason we regret asking for one is because we come up to our threshold and are faced with our pain and our fear. Ultimately we know that once its over, we will be a changed person. See, spanking has a way of bringing things to the surface, during the spanking our minds and feelings will be churning with the notion that now is the opportunity to release whats holding us back. Once we surrender to the opportunity, the spanking naturally provides that release. Its challenging, and painful and scary at times. but when its over, you will be lighter and stronger with a tingling red bottom as a souvenir and that makes it all worth it.

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