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A newb just gave me the best spanking of my life

I sit here writing this with a sore tingling bottom, its been almost 24 hours and I'm still feeling it which honestly is quite rare for me. A younger gentleman walked in to see me, I almost checked his ID, lol, but came to realize he was a bit older then I had thought at initial glance. He proceeded to tell me that this was his first time receiving a spanking and was also interested in switching. I could tell by his demeanor that he was switch but it wasn't til later in the 2 hour session that I realized just how much of natural he really was. Now I could tell you about the part of the session where I gave him his first and probably the best spanking he will ever have in various compromising positions, but I would love to focus on how in awe I am at his ability to completely and soundly spank me to the point of crying out and squirming while also holding the space for me to be able to take it and enjoy it. That about sums it up actually, I am thoroughly impressed and pleased. Now I must give myself a bit of credit too because there is skill and art in being able to receive a spanking; you must be able to trust, you must be able to surrender, and you must be able to stick it out when things heat up. This was the type of spanking that leaves you happy and tingling all over. This is the type of spanking I give my clients and am blessed to say, have just received myself.

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