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Someone's Gonna Get It Interview

Victoria Kay – Having FUN!

Posted on July 30, 2016 by someonesandy

How long have you been giving spankings?

I have been Spanking for roughly 3 years.

You are friends with Ms. Elena?

Yes, Ms Elena introduced me to Spanking. I remember it clear as day. I had just finished a run and kettle bell workout when she called me with an offer to get spanked. I was high on endorphins and feeling bold. Yes! I said, I will be right over. So I quickly showered, changed and drove to her dungeon. What followed changed my life….

And the first spanking you ever gave?

The first Spanking I ever gave was in a duo session with Elena. We had a lot of fun and he left with a hot red bottom :)

You are a spankologist. What is a spankologist?

A Spankologist is someone who understands the psychology of Spanking. As I am sure you are well aware of, the mental aspect of Spanking is a very large part of the experience. Many sessions not only involve active physical Spankings but very real therapy as well.

You are big into the therapy part of spanking. Any real results?

I have many clients that have successfully changed bad habits such as smoking, TV addiction, procrastination, porn addiction, bad posture/slouching, lack of belief in themselves, gambling addiction, junk food habits among others. I am actually in the process of studying to become a life coach. I have always helped people break through self defeating psychological blocks, clarify their goals and believe in themselves, but this training (which I feel is the best in the world) will give me more strategic methods and tools to better help my clients get lasting real change and results. Now, not everyone is actually looking to change and that’s OK with me! I love Spanking not only as therapy but also just for the sake of Spanking!

Have you always has an interest in corporal punishment?

Corporal Punishment is fun to me. It may sound cruel to call it fun, but I like a good push the limits session and know how to properly beat a mans bottom

Where are you located? How do we get in contact with you?

I host sessions in Phoenix Arizona several times a months and also travel frequently to major cities. I have just finished working on a website which has my travel schedule posted. My contact via email is

Okay we come to see you, what should we expect?

Every session has differences as it is based on the pre-discussed needs and interests of the client. Typically, we chat for a bit and then proceed into a warm-up. If a roleplay is present then that sometimes starts right from the get-go in order to add realism. I typically utilize multiple implements and positions throughout the session, starting with hand then hairbrush and working up. Sometimes people will request a hand only spanking or an OTK only Spanking or a cold caning. Hand Spanking and Caning are my favorites. I love the domestic tone of a good hand spanking and my hands are very strong. The focus and precision needed to administer a great caning is what I love most about it.

What is the benefit of spanking?

The benefit of Spanking is going to depend on the person. However I’ll list what comes the mind the most. First off, there is an X factor that I am sure all Spankos would relate to; a strong need and desire. So, happiness is one benefit…a painter has to paint and a spanko has to spank or be spanked :)

Okay I’m on board with that….

Then there is the endorphin rush of getting (and giving ) a good spanking. On the receiving end there is the cathartic release of pent up emotions and the release of self-guilt; giving a clean slate and clearing the way for empowering commitments to self growth. When I am topping, the most important thing is really to hold the space. And by holding space I mean to take complete control as to allow the spankee the space to safely surrender. Subspace is well worth a mention here and comes after the surrender; to me its the ultimate experience. Then of course for my spankee clients there is the lived out fantasy of being bare bottom over a strong woman's knee

You are a switch? So is it truly better to give than receive?

Yes, I Switch. There’s much to love on both sides. My personality is naturally dominant, so when I surrender, its just that much more of a beautiful experience.

Since you’ve been on both sides of the paddle tell us what you get out of the experience from both ends?

Topping makes me a better bottom and bottoming makes me a better top. I feel well immersed in all aspects of Spanking. To me, it is an art, expression, challenge, love and dare I say obsession.

It is a practical life tool as well as a form of play. When I top, I am of service and also very much enjoy what I am giving. When I bottom, depending on the intensity, it is either pleasurable and relaxing or stress relieving and cathartic. Although Spanking when done in the light of discipline has its serious tones and takes focus, most of the time my clients and I are having fun.

Fun! Great reason. Do you role-play?

Yes, I do role-play and am very good at it. I do basic role-plays as well as extensive scenarios.

Any favorite scenario?

My favorite basic scenario is where the spankee is given a choice of a real life consequence or to take my punishment. Example being a naughty employee with the choice of getting fired or going over my knee to be granted another chance.

What’s an extensive role play?

Extensive role-plays I do on request and can be quite interesting. It would take a while to write them out, perhaps another time we can go over a few past ones. I can tell you this though, they become very realistic and fully immersive, especially when they span right from the get go to out the door.

How tall are you?

With or without heels? haha.

Favorite position and implement?

I utilize many positions, but if I had to choose it would be OTK for warm-ups and then bent over the bed, couch or chair so I can get full body swings ;) My favorite implement besides my hand would be the cane and as I mentioned above I love the challenge, focus and precision of each stroke.

Your hand? Can you give a sound spanking with it?

Absolutely. My hands are very strong and enduring.

Have you done any video?

I have done some videos personally, however I may do some for public release in the near future.

What do your friends and family think of your job?

You have interviewed my good-friend Ms. Elena, she is who introduced me to the wonderful world of spanking :) Lets leave that question at that for now.

Hopefully we can circle around to it on another occasion. Would you spank any of them if they were curious, or is that just too weird?

I am not sure if I would spank my parents or grandparents, lol. But besides that, I would most definitely spank everyone and anyone who wanted one. I have spanked a few friends and they’ve loved it.

What makes the perfect spanking?

The perfect spanking is going to be different for everyone. Creating the perfect spanking experience is about understanding the spankees personality, needs and desires.

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